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The BodyMindSoulWellness story begins in Asia Hong Kong in 2008, when it was established by  Shanghai-born fitness and martial arts expert Wu Fei. Her passion for sharing her knowledge of Wu Shu (Kung Fu), Yoga, Tai Chi and general fitness, combined with her drive to promote healthier lifestyles, saw BodyMindSoulWellness become a great success. As well as helping adults and children, BodyMindSoulWellness was sought after by corporations and charities, drawn by its reputation for making aspirations a reality.


Wu Fei set up the Shanghai arm of BodyMindSoulWellness upon returning to the city in 2010. The company has already established itself as offering a personal transformation process that is unique in the city, specializing in the latest and most effective fitness training techniques and benefiting from over twelve years of combined industry experience.

In 2016 for family reasons Wu Fei relocated to UK and after a 2 year break while she became a mother and achieved the coaching degree. Now she is bringing her experience to offer the BodyMindSoulWellness process here in UK including Personal Training, Yoga Therapy Course, Wellness Coaching, also now with additional fitness programs for new mums and mums-to-be. 


Our goal is to assist each and every client in achieving positive changes in their lives through making healthy choices and implementing sustainable programs.

Meet the FOUNDER



Originally from Shanghai, China. I have spent last 16 years living and teaching in Shanghai and Hong Kong, running my own Fitness BodyMindSoul company in Asia, now proudly resided in Leamington Spa since 2016. I am happy to bring my experience to offer the Clients here in UK. I am specializes in Yoga, Weight Loss, Injury Prevention, Post-natal recovery, Rehabilitation, Martial Arts (adults and children) and Tai Chi. When I am not teaching, My husband and I accompanied by our little boy are out Hiking and exploring UK. 

Hi there! I’m so happy you want to learn more about me. I’m Fei Wu, I am a mum, fitness coach, Taichi and Yoga teacher Yoga as well as health and wellness coach.

Yoga has played a very significant role in my life and connected me to a more authentic, wholesome heartfelt way of living, it has truly transformed my life. I am looking forward to sharing with you the things I have learnt along the way and a bit about myself. My mission is to help you on your own path of self-discovery through Yoga, Fitness and Coaching.


I live in Leamington Spa UK where I teach Yoga Therapy classes at Sydni Center and Spencer Yard.  

My love for movement developed at a young age, from Martial Arts to Running with many other sports in between. Due to the intensity of my training, injuries were always a part of my life, as was learning to heal from them. Yoga was a great friend and tool to help with the healing process. After retiring from professional Martial artist, and finishing Diploma of Physical Education in University, I pursued my love for teaching Fitness and Yoga. 


I believe that yoga practice is a healing tool to help us reconnect with our true self. I teach students to challenge their limits and explore new postures but in a way that is safe and not too scary. From my past life in professional sports, I have learnt that pushing too hard risks injury and setback. Alternatively, learn to listen to your body, connect to your breath and your intuition. From that place, amazing results can be achieved. In my classes, I am not only focusing on the alignment of the posture, but also synchronizing correct breathing with each posture and transition. This encourages you to connect to your body in the present moment and practice in a way that will truly uplift and balance you. 


• BA Physical Education Shanghai Sports University 1998-2002

• PT and Yoga AFAA (Shangahi China) 2002

• E-RYT200 ® Yoga Alliance ( Rishikesh India) 2014

• PT and Sports Massage AASFP (HK China) 20010

• PT Cooper Institue (Dallas USA)  2003

• Diploma of Coaching (Warwick University UK) 2017

• Resilience (Heath & Wellness) Coaching (Shanghai  China) 2014

"Exercise not only improves your body, it opens your mind and expands your soul."

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