Aditi Rao

Leamington Spa , UK

I've been attending Fei's classes for the last seven weeks. Her unique brand of yoga has managed to create in me a strong sense of awareness of bodily alignment- I find that I correct my posture even outside the class. For instance I remember my core while I am walking the streets and I can almost hear Fei whispering instructions in my ear with her gentle yet firm voice. In Fei I've found the perfect yoga teacher. She pushes you to do more in a positive encouraging manner, she's so graceful in her movements that just watching her is inspiration enough, plus she's got a great sense of humour. The classes are lighthearted and fun. The community is diverse with people across ages and ethnicities and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Every class is different focusing on different parts of the body. I leave each class feeling stronger and more centered. Thank you Fei for sharing this knowledge with us.

Jojo Norris

Leamington Spa UK

I have been attending Fei’s classes since September, gradually moving to 3 classes/week. I am post menopause, a bit overweight and utterly inflexible! The result has been my pelvis has stabilised and my core (which seemed to vanish with menopause) is getting stronger. What I like about Fei’s classes is she is working us up to doing Yoga poses correctly. This is very important to prevent injury. She continually emphasises correct breathing which is so important to do yoga correctly. I have toned up to the point where people are commenting on my ‘weight loss’(no weight loss just toned now!). As a therapist who specialises in back and joint pain, I am always recommending Fei’s classes to my clients.

Ruth Moffat

Leamington Spa , UK

Fei's rehabilitation yoga has been just the job for the recovery of my knee replacement.  In half the usual time the leg was back to normal mobility and the new knee totally free of swelling, albeit it in need of 'more bend'...that will come, I am told.


What I like about Fei's classes is her repetition on an exercise, or the long hold of a posture, depending on which it is. Most important of all, her return to the first exercise on and off lets you see the improvement. 


She manages to give us all 1 to 1 attention in a class of 20!  Well done, Fei.

Lynne Mann

Leamington Spa, UK


I have attended 2 of Fei's Posture classes so far and they are excellent. Fei explains everything clearly and takes the time to make sure everyone is in the correct position to get the maximun benefit. She is so friendly and encouraging and I love how she keeps telling us this hour is our time and to really connect with our bodies and start to understand how we move. Can't wait for the next class!


Jan Van der Putten - 



For the last year I have been training with Wu Fei in the Vizcaya gym. With regular training I have seen a real improvement in my fitness and body strength. Wu Fei has a lot of experience in gym techniques and nutrition. As a result, with her tailor-made programmes I continue to progress. Training with her is also varied, motivational and fun!

Joyce Tong 



My family and I moved to Shanghai August 2012.  I have seen Wu Fei coaching in our gym constantly. One day, she has invited me to join her 12 week body transformation challenge program because she think I can do better.  The program has provided us a well designed, co-ordinated hard core body training, body toning and a balance diet.  I was pleased with the result and was able to loose the extra body weight.  It made me feel good and fit better in my wardrobe.  I have always enjoyed working out with our group, working hard and share the similar goal.  I will surely join the program again this fall.

Philippe Nemeri - 35



I have just followed all instructions given by Fei and the result is impressive! I lost in 12 weeks about 6.5kg. I reduced my physical age from 35 to 22. Not only i do feel much better physically, but the training sessions in the morning make me feel completely relaxed to take all the stress from work. Great experience! 

Rebecca Fanning 



Participating in the 12 week exercise program was one of the best things I have for me and my family. After coming to China, I gained 10 lbs and was not exercising regularly. This program was what I needed to jump start my spirit and metabolism. Fei and her trainers classes kept me motivated to participate in daily exercise for the entire 12 weeks! (Working Mother of two kids, Shanghai, China)

Amanda Thomson - 



Fei is an exceptional trainer. She has a wide knowledge and a great work ethic that she insists on passing on! For hard workouts but also great recuperation and physio exercises after injuries from other sports. 

If you want a sound and thorough workout and high motivation Fei is the trainer. Mixing yoga with bootcamp over the week has proved great for fitness and flexibility She has been putting me through my paces for almost ten years!


Thank you Fei!

Tanja Fischer - 



I was unhappy with the weight I had put on and wanted to go on summer holidays feeling good in my bikini again so I signed up for the 12 week program.  As soon as I committed the weight quickly fell off.  The group classes were a fantastic motivation for the exercise and nutrition program.  Being weighed every week and having your measurements taken really helped.  I lost my 5kg and dropped a couple of dress sizes and went away feeling great in my bikini again thanks to Fei and the team.


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