Yoga Therapy Session

Every Tuesday 10 -11 am

SYDNI Centre Leamington Spa UK



A Healing practice focused on rehabilitating the body. Special attention to alignment and detailed instruction are combined with specific asanas with the purpose of bringing the body back to health. Suitable for anyone seeking to heal their bodies or returning to practice after any injury.

Open to students of all levels from beginner to expert. We offer modifications, use of props and lots of chances to rest and observe.



6-Week Yoga Course

Every Thursday 10 -11 am

Leamington Spa UK



During this 6-week course you will learn new yoga postures and develop an awareness of joint compression, muscle tension and muscle control. You will focus on learning the correct alignment for each yoga posture as well as injury prevention techniques. I will guide you the use of basic alignment tools such as posture adjustment, yoga blocks, yoga straps and chairs to deepen your knowledge about the correct alignment of the asanas/poses. All of this will help you to alleviate your body’s aches and pains.


This yoga course is suitable for everyone, from beginner to expert. We will be stripping yoga back to the basics, working on key posture-improving asana/poses and alignment.


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